5 x eSorb Hanging 500g Moisture Absorber – absorbs 50% of its weight

The eSorb Hanging 500g can be used as either an inbox or container desiccant when not in direct contact with organic or metallic cargo. It is a versatile and flexible mineral desiccant. It comes with a hook that allows the unit to be hung snugly inside cupboards.

  • Superior performance; at 25˚C each sachet can absorb more than 50% of its weight, which is about two times more than products based on silica gel
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic material, it can be disposed with regular waste
  • Does not contain DMF
  • Hook allows for the unit to be hung.

Mineral Desiccant Storage and Handling

Mineral Desiccants 500g are packed in transparent airtight polyethylene (PE) bags. After opening the protective PE bag, the Esorb desiccant will start absorbing moisture from the surrounding air.

To ensure the best possible performance follow the storage and handling instructions you receive with your purchase of Esorb mineral desiccants

It is easy to install

  1. remove from sealed package
  2. Immediately active!

Additional information

Suitable for:

Clothing Cupboards – Bathrooms Cupboards – Laundry Cupboards – Pantry – Tool Shed – Storage Boxes/Rooms etc.


L = 25 cm W = 15 cm D = 1 cm

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