Oxygen Absorber 100cc – 800 Pack function

The main function of the oxygen absorbers is to remove oxygen and carbon dioxide in a closed container.
An oxygen free environment can be reached within
24 hours at normal temperature.

Advantages of using oxygen absorbers

• Protects against mold growth
• Prevents growth of microbes
• Stops fat from oxidising
• Maintains original taste, color and consistency

Main ingredients (iron based)

Iron powder, active carbon powder, salt, diatomite granule and water.

Oil proof packaging material: PET/EVA/PAPER/PE


Oxygen Absorber 100cc can be used for a wide range of snack and food products. Examples include:

• Seeds, nuts and dried fruits
• Beef jerky and dried foods
• Pet foods
• Breads, cakes, cookies and other bakery goods • Herbs, tea and tobacco
• Coffee

Shelf life

The shelf life of the Oxygen Absorber 100cc is up to 18 months. Ensure that the sachets are stored at room temperature (5 °C to 30 °C) in their sealed package before usage. The sachets should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


The oxygen absorbers should be used as soon as possible once opened the package and cannot be exposed in the air for more than 60 minutes. Otherwise the sachets will lose the absorbing capacity before usage.

How to calculate the quantity of oxygen absorbers to be used?

Oxygen volume (cc) =
[package length (cm) X width (cm) X height (cm) – food weight (grams)] X 20%.

The package should be completely sealed with PET, nylon or other high barrier material. The package should have an oxygen permissibility rate which is lower than 20 CC per square meter per day.

Additional information


The oxygen absorbers do not contain any ethyl alcohol and it has not been used in the manufacturing process. No ingredients of animal origin have been used.